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Here you can find some of the joint statements that the EFN developed and/or co-signed with other EU stakeholders on key topics that are high on EFN EU policy agenda.

  • (Digitalisation) Joint Statement on the European Health Data Space (EHDS) – together with EFN, CPME, CED, PGEU, HOPE (June 2023)
    Nurses, doctors, dentists, community pharmacists, and hospitals support amendments which safeguard confidentiality and ethical duties, propose clarity on medical liability, reduce administrative burdens and offer appropriate compensation for the high costs of digitalisation. This joint statement is calling on the co-legislators to respect ethical principles of patient confidentiality and professional secrecy, to exclude healthcare professionals from providing data again for secondary use, to bring clarity and certainty for liability of healthcare professionals in the electronic health record, and to provide financial compensation for digitisation costs.

  • (Digitalisation) Stakeholder joint statement on access to innovative healthcare under the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) (June 2023)
    The EFN co-signed together with 10 other key EU health stakeholders (COCIR, Digital Health Society, the European Association of Urology, ECHAlliance, European Hospital Management Association, the European Specialist Nurses Organization, the European Society of Radiology, the Federation of European Academies of Medicine, Lung Cancer Europe and MedTech Europe) this joint statement calling on the EU Member States and decision-makers to strongly consider the impact the proposal will have on the EU health ecosystem, act mindfully and engage with the broad range of stakeholders.