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European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) support for Portuguese Nurses

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The European Federation of Nurses Association representing over 3 million nurses from 36 European Union member national nursing organisations, stands in solidarity with the Ordem dos Enfermeiros.

The Ordem dos Enfermeiros, with Ana Rita Cavaco leading the organisation, is a valued and respected leader across all our European member countries and globally. Standing up for nurses and nursing, giving voice to concerns and advocating for the requirement to ensure quality and  patient safety for the Portuguese population, should not be ignored.

Portuguese nurses, pharmacists and physicians in recent industrial action, supported by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros, have raised common concerns to protect patient safety and seek better working conditions, salaries, appropriate resources and respect for their commitment and dedication to deliver high quality services to the population of Portugal. Frontline nurses and their leaders expect appropriate action. Nurses are a valuable resource and meeting their needs will allow them to stay within the profession and in Portugal. Over the past 4 years Ana Rita Cavaco has clearly articulated the needs of frontline nurses. It is imperative that the Portuguese government takes it serious and engages with the Ordem dos Enfermeiros.

The European Union fully respects the contribution and potential of nurses to deliver on European wide health policies and initiatives. It is crucial that national governments respect professional and regulatory dialogue as outlined in the Proportionality Directive (2018/958), requiring governments to engage with all concerned stakeholders, co-designing better working environments. Together we can achieve more, and it is key that political players respect the contribution of the nursing profession and continue to support frontline nurses.