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EFN Compendium – Nurses Added Value in the Health and Social Ecosystems

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Ensuring the provision of safe and quality healthcare in the European Union (EU) relies on those healthcare professionals on the frontline supporting and informing the development of successful, fit-for-practice health policies. Nurses are the single largest and most trusted health professional group, delivering the majority of healthcare across countries and settings. As such, they are ideally placed to input in health policy development, drawing from their real-world experience on the field.

The European Federation of Nurses’ Association (EFN), as the representative body for nurses in Europe, has long used its ‘Tour de Table’ as a key policy support mechanism to gather intelligence and enable the exchange of best practices among its membership. The policy reports developed from this intelligence gathering are a vital source of factual, comparative data and insights into health and social care in the European Union and Europe.

The present document represents a compendium of best practices from across 35 countries in Europe members of EFN, designed to draw cross-cutting conclusions, link up shared concerns and showcase best practices for mutual learning. The EFN presents this document as a resource for healthcare stakeholders, policy makers, clinicians, patients and the public to invite discussion, policy response and exchange of practice to build the sustainability of the health and social care ecosystems in the EU and Europe.

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