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EFN Gender Equality Plan

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Equality between women and men is one of the objectives of the European Union. Over the years, legislation, case-law and changes to the Treaties have helped supported this principle and its implementation in the EU. But a lot still needs to be done to make this objective attained.

As the largest healthcare profession, nurses are a powerhouse for change. The EFN represents 36 National Nurses Associations (professional associations-regulators-unions), 3 million nurses in the EU, and 6 million nurses across the whole of Europe – with the vast majority of the workforce (92%) composed of women. Taking this into account, the EFN has gender very high on its policy agenda at EU level, calling on the EU stakeholders and decision makers to tackle the gender gap and make policies and innovation work for women. Nurses/women are ideally positioned to both lead and support such developments.

As set in Horizon Europe Eligibility Criterion for Gender equality plans and gender mainstreaming, in the context of the EU projects, the EFN has developed its Gender Equality Plan made available here.