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Red Cross project on Elderly Care

Initiated in April 2006, and coordinated by the Austrian Red Cross, the “healthPROelderly” project aiming to promote health promotion for older people through producing evidence based guidelines with recommendations – at EU, national and local levels – for potential actors in this field, reached its end in December 2008.

Involved in the Advisory Board of the project, the EFN introduced the project into the INGOs’ Health Grouping of the Council of Europe political debate (As a result the INGOs Health Grouping approved, in April 2007, a resolution on ageing); informed key MEPs, the European Commission and Stakeholders/NGOs active in Elderly Care on EFN implication in the project and its developments; represented the project in some meetings held in Brussels; and published an article on the ‘EU HealthProElderly’ project in the “Parliament Magazine – Issue 253 – 1st October 2007”.

National Reports on the detailed evaluation of models of health promotion

First Interim Report (May 2007)

Second Interim Report (May 2008)

Evidence-Based Guidelines on Health Promotion for Older People (December 2008)