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EFN Workforce Matrix 3+1

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When it comes to EU Workforce for Health, minimum progress has been made by European and International Institutions, and the current data collected at national, EU and International levels tend to be fragmented, incomplete, and not comparable nationally and internationally. As such it cannot be used for EU policy-making. Therefore, an updated and comprehensive picture on the nursing profession is needed.

As such, the EFN members decided to develop an “EU Nursing Workforce Matrix 3+1” to be used at EU level, by collecting qualitative and quantitative data on the three categories of nursing care (general care nurse, specialist nurse and advanced practice nurse), and recognising the important role of Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) and the leading role of nurses in their supervision in the development of HCAs.

The Matrix, which includes information on education, qualifications and competences for each category, and shows the commonalities and differences of the three categories and the HCAs among 35 EU countries, is a flexible working document that will be updated according to upcoming available research & developments at EU level, while recognising that individual member states may encourage the development of additional skills and competencies not listed in the matrix.

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