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EU Proposal on Future Health for Growth Programme 2014-2020

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European Commission Proposal on Future Health for Growth Programme 2014-2020

On November 9 2011, Commissioner John Dalli presented the health priorities for 2014-2020. Aligned to the Europe 2020objectives, the new programme is designed in the hope of developing healthy and active European citizens who will ultimately contribute to economic growth. With a budget of €446 million, the Health for Growth Programme will focus on fewer EU added value actions, highlighting the development of innovative health systems that make the healthcare systems more sustainable. In the area of cross-border healthcare, the programme will be directed towards the establishment of European Reference Networks which aim to improve the identification and accessibility to healthcare.

During the past year, the EFN has been supporting DG SANCOwith the Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership which also seeks to implement innovative, integrated care models and continuity of care in the pursuit of sustainability of healthcare systems. The EFN will continue to support these efforts and acknowledges the specific reference made to secure a solid health workforce, as only a competent, well-motivated and sustainable health workforce will be able be to realize the full potential of future innovative solutions.

After the adoption in the EU Council and the European Parliament, the programme will support member states’ actions in those areas where the EU has provided a clear added value. The EFN remains committed to being actively involved in helping the European Commission make this future programme a success.