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Single Market Forum: 2nd to 4th October 2011

by efn efn

In April 2011 the European Commission adopted the Single Market Act setting out a package of twelve key actions to further develop the Single Market, with the aim to boost growth and jobs in the Single Market.

In this context, the European Commission, jointly with the European Parliament, and the Polish Government (holding the EU Presidency of the EU), is organizing a Single Market Forum, to take place in Krakow on 2-4 October 2011, which is expected to be the first of a series of similar conferences and will mark the starting point of a debate among EU institutions and stakeholders on the development of the Single Market.

Therefore, it is important that the EFN members participate in this significant event, taking into account the current process of revision of the Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications (DIR36), the consultation process on the Green Paper on the Modernising the Professional Qualifications Directive (Deadline to provide your input: 20 September 2011), and the EFN leading a case study on the European Professional Card (aiming to ensure quicker recognition of professional qualifications when a nurse moves to another country) that will be presented at this event.