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Conference on the Future of Europe – The future is in your hands!

by efn efn

The Conference on the Future of Europe has now come to an end. After one year of deliberations, debates and discussions between citizens, regional, national and European politicians, EU institutions, organised civil society and social partners a common trajectory for the future of the European Union has been reached.

The Conference on the Future of Europe represents a great opportunity for European citizens to discuss Europe’s challenges and priorities, allowing them to contribute to the shaping of the future of Europe. What is one of the most important topic when we think about the future? Health… and when we talk about health, the EFN plays a key role, with nurses at the forefront of change to build resilient health systems.

The Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe reached consensus on its final recommendations, adopting 49 proposals, which include more than 320 measures across 9 themes, including key topics as climate change, health, migration, and the EU in the world. This new process of the Conference has provided a never-seen-before opportunity for citizens to take part in the decision-making process and express their views on the European Union and how it should be improved.  Since the launch of the platform on 19 April 2021, more than 50.000 participants have contributed and shared their ideas.

All these contributions have been collected, analysed and the reports are available for consultation:

In the Europe Day, the Co-Chairs of the Conference’s Executive Board presented the final report on the outcomes to the Presidents of the European Parliament, Council and European Commission. The three institutions reviewed the report and decided how to effectively follow-up on the recommendations.

Citizens want a clear commitment that their ambitious ideas will be turned into action and the European Commission is ready to fulfil these requests. The future of Europe restarts with citizens and with health having a central role. In light of this, the contribution of nurses becomes essential to build a better, healthy and safe future.

Do not miss this opportunity, “the future is in your hands”!