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The new EU Global Health Strategy released today

by efn efn

Aiming to strengthen EU leadership in global health, the European Commission launched a Communication on the EU Global Health Strategy focussing on enhancing global health security, implementing a ‘One health’ approach, and strengthening health systems around the globe.

This new approach is based on three key interrelated priorities in dealing with global health challenges:

  • Deliver better health and well-being of people across the life course;
  • Strengthen health systems and advance universal health coverage;
  • Prevent and combat health threats, including pandemics.

As stated by the Commissioner Stella Kyriakides during this event: “Global health is not an optional. It is essential to guarantee the stability of society and not leave anyone behind. This strategy is routed in equity and in solidarity in human life”

The European Commission calls for a focus on new drivers of health that must be addressed in an integrated manner, including climate change, humanitarian crises and food insecurity, in addition to inequalities, mental health and vaccine equity. Additional issues, such as speeding up progress on the SDG agenda, expanding strategic partnerships, and financing of the strategy are included, notably the Team Europe’ approach”, a € 40 billion package to support partner countries.

The strategy includes proposals for stronger international rules and cooperation mechanisms on health. The Communication lists 20 global and regional projects to be implemented.

 “The new Global Health Strategy represents an important step forward to reduce health inequalities, prioritising the resilience of the healthcare system, to promote health sovereignty and autonomy and to set out a vision for a new global health order” – said the Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen.

The Strategy also seeks to improve global health security, thus protecting citizens from threats by stepping up prevention, preparedness and response, and early detection.

This ambitious goal is only possible by putting EU workforce for health at the top level of the political agenda. A better global health, a more resilient healthcare system better prepared is only possible by reducing nurses’ shortage and adopting concrete actions for recruiting and retaining nurses at the profession.

Lots of nurses are leaving the profession massively and it represents a great obstacle for reaching the ambitious goals of this new strategy. Nurses are the backbone of the entire healthcare ecosystem and they need to be better supported and equipped for delivering high quality care.

Only protecting who protect us, we can reach a better global Health!