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The EFN Member of EU eHealth Stakeholder Group

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The eHealth Stakeholder Group is composed by organisations and associations with a European outreach. They represent: the health tech industry, patients, healthcare professionals and the research community. The group will provide advice and expertise to the Commission, particularly on topics set out in the Communication on enabling the digital transformation of health and care.

At the eHealth Stakeholder Group Sixth Plenary Meeting, the group has been presented the 7 recommendations elaborated on the European Health Data Space Regulation, signed off by EFN and other European Stakeholders:

  1. A broad range of stakeholders must be involved to guarantee the success of EHDS.
  2. The EHDS must be align with all relevant horizontal and sectoral European laws.
  3. There must be harmonised interpretation and implementation of Regulation across the EU.
  4. Approvals for secondary use of health data must be consistent and harmonised across Europe.
  5. The scope of EHR systems must be defined within the Regulation.
  6. The successful implementation of the EHDS must be adequately resourced.
  7. Existing health data infrastructures must be leveraged to allow continuity and build on existing expertise.

One of the key focus of this meeting has been the digital and green skills. In a constantly changing world, these are the new skills required to stay up-to-date and competitive on the changing job market.

A lot is changing in the healthcare system – a real process of digitalisation and innovation “pushed” even more during the covid-19 pandemic. In this context, the engagement of nurses in the co-creation process is key for elaborating something really useful for the healthcare professionals and for the entire healthcare system.

Moreover, another important aspect is that one to give new competences to nurses and all healthcare professionals for ensuring always high quality and continuity care. At this regard, EFN is a key partner in an Erasmus+ 4-years project, called BEWELL, which aims to build a movement of some key healthcare stakeholders for supporting, developing and implementing an EU strategy on upskilling and reskilling of the European healthcare professionals.

These new innovative skills are essential, but these can be helpful only if the right stakeholders will be involved in the co-creation process.