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Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership Steering Group

by efn efn

The Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership Steering Group met Commissioner Kroes and Commissioner Dalli on 7 November 2011, in Brussels, in order to finally discuss theStrategic Implementation Plan and the future governance of the partnership. After its last formal meeting, the Steering Group is passing the baton to those actors that will commit to implementing concrete actions in the field, where people live and work.

The EFN remains committed to the European Innovative Partnership and acknowledges the high level political commitment that has been shown by Neelie Kroes and John Dalli throughout the whole process made so far and which was explicitly reiterated during yesterday’s meeting. Their political engagement remains crucial in effectively engaging the Steering Committee members as well as external stakeholders and people in the field to turn the lines of actions, adopted yesterday, into reality.