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“Safe & Health work in the Digital Age 2023-2025” – EFN in partnership with OSHA!

by efn efn

The EFN is pleased to announce that it has been acknowledged as Official Campaign Partner of the Safe and healthy work in the digital age 2023-2025 of OSHA – the European Information Agency for Occupational Safety and Health, with the main aim to ensure a human-centred approach to managing digital technologies in the workplace.

For years, the EFN has been working to promote and protect nurses and the nursing profession and this European Week for Safety and Health at work represents the greatest window opportunity to shed the light on the importance of building safe workplaces.

The nursing profession is becoming less and less attractive to the new generations due to stressful and unsafe working conditions and low pay, compared the human responsibilities they have. The number of nurses, who are leaving the profession, is increasing massively and this will lead to health systems collapsing.

In this context, new interoperable technologies can help frontline nurses, but without the right digital and green skills, these innovation can come an obstacle rather than a support. For this reason, involve nurses’ in co-creation and co-design of new digital tools and technologies is essential starting point for boosting innovation and digitalisation of the healthcare sector.

It is the right time to make the difference. Don’t miss this opportunity!