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Happy Easter to you all!

by efn efn

Before we get into the Spring EFN General Assembly, taking place on 11-12 April, and which will bring together the EFN members from 36 National Nurses Associations from all over Europe, to discuss key EFN/nurses policy topics and concerns, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Easter.

This beginning of the year brought with it intense lobby work, namely towards the Belgium EU Presidency and the European Commission, to make sure that health is kept high in the EU agenda, and that the nurses’ voice is brought to the heart of the ongoing discussions and developments at EU level on those topics crucial for the nursing profession as education, workforce, digitalisation, etc.

It is more than ever crucial that the EU member states listen to the nurses and make sure to have an EU health workforce that is competent, highly qualified and motivated to address the ongoing healthcare challenges. With higher educated nurses, nursing performance will lead to better quality and patient outcomes, major efficiency in chronic disease management and better retention rates in the workforce. Crucial in times in which nurses are leaving massively the profession. Investments in nursing education will pay off whilst contributing to the sustainability of health systems.

The upcoming EU elections are a key milestone to get nurses’ political messages across. With up to 6 million nurses in Europe, they are a significant voting force. This is a good opportunity to make change happen.

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter!