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BeWell General Assembly in Bergamo

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As a key partner in the project, the EFN is attending the 3rd BeWell General Assembly (GA) held between 19 and 21 June 2024, in Bergamo (Italy). The GA is a good occasion to meet face-to-face with the other BeWell partners to discuss the current state of play of the EU project, and to take important decisions concerning the next steps to be taken in order to preserve and fully exploit the ongoing positive momentum, and to provide the expected project deliverables in the due timing. The BeWell project is advancing well and according to deadlines, with the key deliverables moving forward as follows:

  1. Skills Strategy and Open Public Consultation: This first version of the Skills Strategy (the summary of the Skills Strategy can be found here) is now undergoing an Open Public Consultation, which consists in a questionnaire made up by a total of 56 questions (accessible in 9 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Romanian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian) which require around 35 minutes to be answered. The final BeWell Skills Strategy will be published in June 2026.
  2. Training Courses: the EFN has developed two MOOCs/Courses, one on the digital skills and one on the green skills for nurses and allied healthcare professionals, that are included in the set of the BeWell training courses, that have just underwent the first round of piloting. The EFN MOOCs (that have international accreditation from ICN International Continuing Nursing Education Credits (ICNECs)) have received very positive feedback, with particular focus on the quality of the content and the relevance of the skills being taught, as they are in high demand on the labour market.
  3. Skills Monitor: The digital and green skills monitor is a web-based tool that captures and facilitates comparative analysis on digital and green skills training programmes in Europe and other countries. As of June 2024, the Skills Monitor includes almost 50 courses for the upskilling and reskilling of nurses and Allied-Healthcare Professionals (HCP)!
  4. Large-Scale Partnership: The large-scale partnership is multi-stakeholder partnership on health workforce upskilling and reskilling, created through BeWell in the context of the Pact for Skills. An important deliverable of BeWell, it has now reached over 40 signatories, in line with BeWell’s objectives.

The project will be running until 2026, but these key deliverables will continue to have a positive effect on the European healthcare workforce for much longer than that, as it will enable the health workforce to be better prepared to face future challenges and adapt to ever-evolving societal contexts.