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The EFN podcasts aim to make the audience aware of the EFN work at European level by leading or participating actively in EU Projects, and giving the voice to nurses to tell us a bit more on their experience in the ground in some key subjects.

>> Nursing Themes:

  • Mentorship

This podcast provides an overview of the role of a nurse as mentor and the importance that mentors have in building the future generations of nurses – by a Belgium nurse.

  • Workforce

This podcast provides an overview of a Belgium nurse frontline experience, namely with nurses leaving massively the profession.

>> Nurses’ voice:

The EFN podcast on “Nurses’ Voice” aims to give a direct voice to the frontline nurses experience in the healthcare ecosystem post-covid.

Rita Helen Jensen, from the Norwegian Nurses Organisation

Tom Ole Lindefjeld Hagen, from the Norwegian Nurses Organisation

Benedicte Molnes, President – European Nursing Students Association (ENSA)

>> EU Projects:


We interviewed the leaders of this project – the complete interviews are available here.



The first EFN Podcast is on Smart4Health Project – Follow it here:



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Nurses’ Voice

The EFN Video on “Nurses’ Voice” aims to give a direct voice to the frontline nurses.

BeWell EU Project

The BEWELL Project is an Erasmus+ 4 years project on digital skills in which EFN is a key partner.

Gamechangers #1 (May 2023)

In this series, FTI will be talking with patients, healthcare providers, industry and other players in health and policy, to discuss their perspectives on data as a transformative force in healthcare. The first episode of Gamechangers is with Paul De Raeve, EFN Secretary General.

Interview to the EFN Secretary General Paul De Raeve

“CANAL ENFERMERO – Consejo General Enfermería” interviewed the EFN Secretary General Paul De Raeve to discuss what are the challenges of the nursing profession after the pandemic, where the profession should go, what is the employment situation of our nurses in Europe and how is their mobility.


Interview Smart4Health Partners

On this occasion of the end of this this 4-year EU project, the EFN has interviewed some of the partners to better understand the next steps and progress on this digitalisation process which encompasses the healthcare system in the EU.


Interview on vaccination – Asija Delalić – DG SANTE

Asija from Croatia, working very closely with EFN, thinks that the recent research on a Covid-19 vaccine is a positive step in the fight against the pandemic. Asija contracted Covid-19 virus while working in hospital. She hopes that a vaccine against coronavirus will be a path back to normal life.


2020 Women of Europe Awards


Health & Blockchain

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To all nurses giving all of themselves!


ENS4Care animated video


ENS4Care Documentary Video