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Showcasing from an Irish perspective Advancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice in Action

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Advancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice Grand Rounds organised by Karen McGowan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Beaumont Hospital/ RCSI Group and President Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation with ANP colleagues Sarah Garvey and Fiona Colbert showcased a spectacular day of innovative and cutting-edge evidence-based nurse and midwife led services that are positively transforming healthcare in Ireland.

The world class event opened with a warm welcome from Petrina Donnelly, RCSI Group Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery and Marie Murray, Director of Nursing Beaumont Hospital After the event Marie Murray stated that: “There are days in your nursing career that stand out where it is reaffirmed the great difference that nursing is making to healthcare and patients. Wednesday 9th November at Beaumont Hospital was one of those days. An outstanding day where the ANP’s and CNS’s showcased the brilliant work they are all doing to make a difference in the lives of patients. In my opening welcome, I spoke of the incredible changes to nursing since I started in my career back in 1986 and the impact that the Commission on Nursing- A blueprint for the future had on the profession of nursing. Little did I believe way back in 1986 that there would be an auditorium of ANP’s and CNS’s talking about the excellent work that they are doing every day for patients in improving efficiency and delivering excellence in care…”.

Fiona Colbert ANP Cardiology, Karen McGowan, ANP Gynaecology and Sarah Garvey, ANP Coagulation, the organising committee of the Beaumont Hospital Grand Rounds reflected on the day held on the 9 November 2022 prior to the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Week’ (November 13th – 19th). Beaumont Hospital and the RCSI Hospital Group presented the inaugural Advanced Nurse Practitioners/ Clinical Nurse Specialists ANP/CNS Grand Rounds recognising the unique contribution of our advanced nurse practitioners to the organisation and wider hospital group.

“This was a full day event but was modelled on the fortnightly sessions that the ANP / CNS group host in Beaumont. We had a total of 12 speakers all were Advanced Nurse Practitioners or Clinical Nurse Specialists and all hospitals from across the RCSI group were represented. All speakers were amazing. Marie Murray and Petrina Donnelly opened this brilliant day.

Session 1 was opened by Rachel Kenna, the Chief Nursing Officer as our 1st keynote speaker giving a very thought-provoking speech about nursing and advanced / specialist practice. Next up was George Jefferies from JCMH gave a very informative talk on pubic rami fractures in the elderly while a Louise Dempsey from Cavan spoke about “the quiet path” of bereavement and loss of a baby – the auditorium was so quiet when she spoke, you could have heard a pin drop. Debra England (Rotunda) spoke about advancing midwifery care and Cathy Clarke from OLOL discussed the pearls and pitfalls of setting up an ANP service in Emergency Department.

Session 2 was opened by Professor Marie Carney. She outlined the process to get a publication over the line. Mark Hollywood, ANP in Neonatology discussed his journey to date as an ANP and gave a case presentation. His Rotunda colleagues would have been so proud…. His brother Paul Hollywood was in the audience supporting, Paul is one of our hospital pharmacists. How many siblings get to see you at 1 of your proudest moments?! Our own home-grown Niamh O’Gorman, ANP in minor injuries spoke of her journey to date as an ANP and Paul Stoneman ANP Cardiology, scared half of the audience speaking about the importance of policy and governance that comes with the role of the ANP & CNS.

Session 3 was equally jam packed with Carol Kelly an ANP in General Practice discussing advancing the ANP role in GP practice. Mary Savage (OLOL) told us all about her love of VTE and outlined her amazing DVT pathway. Joanne Flood ANP in older age psychiatry highlighted the importance of the role of the ANP in liaison mental health services for older people and how to integrate the hospital and community together. Olive McEnroe represented Beaumont and the renal division next, speaking about her digital health initiative and how she manages post-transplant patients remotely, thus reducing hospital visits. We were blown away with this initiative! Our last CNS speaker of the day was Bindu Joseph. She presented a really inspiring case study on an MS patient. We left her talk feeling inspired at the new medical advancements in this area. Elizabeth Adams, President European Federation of Nursing was our 3rd and final keynote speaker of the day. She gave a wonderful inspiring presentation on the future role of nurses.

Ian Carter, RCSI hospital group CEO addressed the audience and posed some very thought-provoking questions which created good conversation between the ANP’s and CEO. Professor Thomas Kearns from Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, RCSI closed our fantastic day.

Special thanks to our session chairs for facilitating this day– Marie Murray, Dr Joanne O’Brien, Tincy Mol Lukose and Dr Jarlath Varley, Carol Lyons and Claire Bolton. Thanks to Paul Mahon, RCSI who helped with this event in so many ways. We were beyond grateful to him. Thanks to RCSI for sponsoring the event. Finally, thanks to the ANP/CNS group for being such a support from March 2021 when ANP/CNS Grand Rounds began. November 9th we hope will be the first of many RCSI Hospital Group collaborations between ANPs & CNSs.
Thank you to all,
Sarah Garvey, Fiona Colbert and Karen McGowan,

In her final reflection of the day Marie Murray, Director of Nursing said: “…there are days when we can get very caught up in the busy day to day operations of an acute level 4 hospital, and we sometimes need to take time out and spend quality time with colleagues; pausing and reflecting on the very essence of our profession of nursing. As I walked out of the hospital on Wednesday evening I was delighted that I took the day away from the busy ‘shop floor’ and met so many new colleagues and listened to the quality work that is currently underway across the RCSI hospital group which is helping our patients. I encourage all of you to ensure that you also take up opportunities for Continued Professional Development which are plentiful within the RCSI hospital group. Thanks to the outstanding team of nursing colleagues that I am privileged to work with every day. Thanks to the outstanding contribution you give to our patients every day…”.

Elizabeth Adams, President, European Federation of Nurses Association, formally wrote a letter of appreciation to the organising committee and management stating: “…It was such an honour and a very special experience to meet with such a committed, dynamic, and inspiring group of professionals. The opportunity to listen to all the outstanding work of so many exceptional nursing and midwifery leaders was incredible. I was so very humbled to be in the presence of professionals who make a real difference every hour of every day to the lives of their patients and families.

The selfless commitment to develop, evolve and drive services based on patient and service requirements is exemplary. The determination to provide excellence in patient care and make a real difference to patient safety and outcomes while driving through many challenges is exceptional.

Also, I can only commend your great leadership in organising and facilitating this event which is an extremely important development and network opportunity for all. It was an excellent programme and without doubt on power with any international conference. The professional programme provided the platform for incredible nurses and midwives to demonstrate their expertise, innovation and talent and inspire others from their experience.”